IoT Scenarios

There are endless scenarios your IoT solutions can solve. Here are a few to help get your creativity flowing:

Predictive Maintenance: Send alerts to refill a vending machine with products or predict the amount of cash and coins to be placed in the machine based on user interactions.


Remote Monitoring: Set up pollution devices to send telemetry data from different points of the city, then you solution can aggregate the data by units of time and sends alerts when the limits are higher than usual.

Data Visualization: Get fitness and activity data from favorite devices or services (such as Fitbit, Jawbone or Runkeeper) and create new data visualizations for the information.

Telemetry Analysis: Use a CAN/OBD device, a Raspberry Pi, or similar device with sensors to collect vehicle telemetry for further analysis (sensors like: accelerometers, close range detectors, etc.)

AI Infused IoT: For retail stores, place a camera on the exit door or at the end of the cash register line. Take a picture and analyze the emotions on the faces of the customers to see if they walk away happy or upset. Then, trigger some promotions to gain them back, if needed.

IoT 101: Build your own weather station with a Raspberry Pi and integrate some sensors (temperature, humidity, light, etc.)